Helping Your Windmill Palm Tree Survive A West Coast Winter in Vancouver



There is minimal winter care required in our climate for established Windmill Palms.  There is no need to wrap the tree in burlap and add Christmas lights to it.  Well, go ahead and decorate at Christmas time though!  Nothing is more fun than telling your friends in Edmonton that the palms lite up real pretty at night!  As for cold weather care, if you plant your tree properly there is little that is needed. 

Trees in the ground are relative easy and carefree to maintain but will benefit from a layer of mulch and a southern exposure.  A proper fertilizer used during the growing season also helps the tree overwinter. More on fertilizing your palm tree is available here.

If the tree is in a pot place it against a protected south wall.   This is very important as extended freezes where the pot roots and all are a solid block of ice can be deadly.