Watering Your Palm


In the Vancouver climate and Pacific Northwest in general there is only minimal watering required. One of the benefits of Windmill Palm trees is that they are a carefree plant that needs minimal attention. Established trees are able to withstand moderate drought conditions with little maintenance. Watering requirements are different for trees planted in the ground than Palms in large pots. In both cases it is good to let the tree dry out a little between watering. For established trees in the ground watering is only really needed during the hottest parts of our dry summer months and then only once a week or two. Newly transplanted trees require more watering until established.

Palm Trees in pots need more water as the roots are confined. It is also more important that the tree dry out in between watering so that the roots do not rot. Roots exchange gases as well as take up water so a well-draining soil mix is essential for proper watering and general health. Your watering schedule will depend on the size of the tree and the size of the pot. Often in the summer you can water every second day to once per week depending on the tree and pot size. If you have a little tree in a big pot then watering once a week is usually fine.

Also, many people forget to water their palms when it rains. Unless there is a heavy rain and the soil is soaked the tree will still require some light watering to ensure it gets sufficient water. As you can see watering palm trees in pots is tricky but once you get a feel for it and a little practice you will know exactly when and how much water is needed.